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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

USB serial ports

Posted By: Barry Gordon <bvgordon@d...>
Date: 1/7/00 11:24pm

I am setting up a new computer to run my home theater. It has no serial ports, but has 2 USB ports. I am using a serial port adapter for 8 serial ports from ionet. It is called the edgeport/8. It installed correctly and I loaded the manuafcturers drivers. I tested each port using a loopback plug and a little com echo routine written in VB. Com1 is the internal modem, com2 through com9 are the eight serial ports on the edgeport/8. All ports on the edgeport/8 appear to operate correctly.

When I start the slink server it hangs if any of the com boxes for the slinke are checked where those com ports are on the USB edgeport/8. If no com ports are checked it loads fine. If the modem com port (com1) is the only one checked it loads fine. But if I check any other com port (com2-com9) it hangs. The task manager (cntrl-alt-del) says it is there and if I start another instance of slinkserve it says there are two running. The slinkeserver does not appear in the systray. An attempt to start CDJ causes CDJ to stack in the task manager until all stuck Slink servers have been cleared.

I really need a solution to this in that the only way I can use the new PC for the home theater is via USB serial ports. Has any one had success with the slinkserver configured to run on a USB based serial port?

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