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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Re: SlinkeServ

Posted By: Peter Ronson <pronson@i...>
Date: 1/8/00 8:58am

I had the same problem of two disks playing at the same time many months ago with a cx151. This player at the same time started to have problems with skipping, and getting getting "caught" in the middle of a track. When I found out the "minimum" cost from Sony for service on this player, I went out and bought a new cx200 (to go with my existing cx260), and surprise, no more problems with two-at-once. Before I bought the new player, Colby and I discussed this situation via email several times, and in-fact he added some additonal support in CDJ for the 151 to try and curb this problem.

Based on what I have seen, you may have to look back at one of your cx151's as the cause. Maybe Colby/David could also look at some additional error checking routines in CDJ, as once and a while on my set-up, even with the new player, a scratched cd will cause the player to get caught in the middle of a track, and the only way out is to manually tell CDJ to move onto the next track.

Hope this helps

Peter Ronson

P.S. Anyone want, or know where to get a cx151 serviced properly, hopefully in the Toronto area?

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