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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Multizone Audio

Posted By: Mike Kropp <mkropp@c...>
Date: 1/10/00 10:14pm

I just bought a new receiver that has output for a second zone. There is a second remote control that controls the input source for the second zone.

There is one restriction, the second zone relies on the analog path only. While this is ok for my purposes, it does create a problem.

I have my map file switch between to different input sources when I'm using CDJ in the main area. I use the optical inputs for CD and MD on my receiver. However, for zone 2, I'm going to mix the two analog outputs to the analog CD input of the receiver.

My first idea was to switch both zone 1 and zone 2 at the "using_player[xxx]" event. I then realized that if someone in zone 1 was watching a movie or something, they wouldn't appreciate the receiver's main input being switched back and forth between MD and CD while they were watching a DVD. Likewise, there are times when one may be listening to CDs in the zone 1 and the radio in zone 2. Other times both zones may be doing the same thing.

The big question is, how do I do this in a map file? If not there, what alternatives do I have. A DXS is out of the question right now and wouldn't really solve this problem anyway.


Thanks. --Mike

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