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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Redux: DXS Setup

Posted By: Justin Gillis <justingillis@c...>
Date: 1/18/00 8:43pm

Colby, David: This was the subject of an earlier post but there seems to be no headway in resolving it. I am wrestling with a serious problem in DXS functionality and can find no way, within my meager skills, to fix it. I am surely not the only user to have this problem, and others may wish to take note of it before buying a DXS unit.

The problem is: When DXS is set up to auto-switch between inputs, there is an audible delay of a fraction of a second before the receiver "grabs" the new input stream. The effect is to chop off the beginning of the song. It is short but quite noticeable, amounting to a dropped note or two. Conjure the idea of "Satisfaction" without Richards' first guitar lick and you get the picture.

This is simply not acceptable. To pay for a piece of equipment like the DXS and then find it is useless for making recordings and has an annoying flaw even in casual listening is not a tenable proposition. David's assertion in the earlier message thread was that this is actually a problem with the amp "dropping" the incoming bit stream at the switchover and then failing to pick it up again at the instant the new datastream starts. He described this as a problem with Sony amps in particular (I have Sony amps). My own suspicion would be that in fact, DXS is introducing a delay in the switchover long enough to clip songs. The effect is the same in either case: If David is right, any user with Sony amps (or vulnerable amps of any brand) is going to run into the problem. If I am right, every user of DXS is going to run into the problem. That would be a large group in either case.

Is there any way with the current software to solve this issue? For instance, is it possible, without writing code, to use CDJ to throw a player into PAUSE before a song starts for just long enough that DXS can complete the switchover and the amp can pick up the new bitstream?

If that is not workable, what are the chances that the DXS firmware can be revised to force a continuous "pause" signal from the outputs while the DXS is going through its switching routine, with the pause becoming a kind of placeholder that keeps the amp from dropping the bitstream?

If *that* won't work, what are the odds of adding functionality to CDJ so that it switches a player into pause mode for half a second at the same moment it orders DXS to switch to that player? I would think this latter should be a configurable option in which users can turn "pause-before-play" mode on or off and can set the length of the pause in microseconds. That would permit manipulation to fix the issue in the widest possible number of equipment scenarios.

This latter would be the least desirable option, from my point of view, because it would require DXS to be on a Slink-e port, something I had hoped to avoid. But it is certainly acceptable if it's the only thing that will work.

Please advise. I am certainly not impatient to see this resolved overnight; like all other Nirvis customers, I am awed by the overall level of responsiveness and customer service we get from your company, and I understand the pressure of constant demands must be taxing. But this is a large issue and I would like to know that the problem is taken seriously and a resolution is on the way at some point. If it cannot be resolved at all, which seems highly unlikely to me, I would have to adjudge the DXS a flawed piece of equipment.

Thanks for considering this request.

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