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Re: Redux: DXS Setup

Posted By: Michael Neese <mneese1@c...>
Date: 1/18/00 10:06pm

In Response To: Redux: DXS Setup (Justin Gillis)

I have a DXS and also have this problem. The problem is with the Sony amps. Mine (825) misses the first 4 - 5 seconds of every song if the songs are from differnet players. You can see "UNLOCK" shown in the Sony amp between songs. It also does this from my DVD when starting a movie with Dolby 5.1. I also have the DXS feeding to my Montego sound card, which has Digital inputs and have recorded ~ 40 songs using CDJ play list and the DXS. Not one of these songs were missing any music on the start. I used a program I got from the Net that records songs with this setup and splits them into seperate files on the fly. The sound card and DXS work without any problem. I can feed the signal from players to DSX and from DSX to sound card and then Digital out of the sound card to the Sony Amp and that also works fine, but the sound card always put out something even when no signal is present as shown by the DXS display.

Yes I don't like this and would like to see if a change could keep the Sony amps signal locked. This would require a steady stream from the DXS.

Colby, any way to get this to work, short of buying new Amps other than Sony's.

Michael Neese

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