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Re: Redux: DXS Setup

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 1/18/00 11:53pm

In Response To: Re: Redux: DXS Setup (Michael Neese)

The period of time in which the DXS is switching between streams and not playing anything is about 10ns. Let me repeat that again:

0.000000010 seconds.

The problem purely has to do with the lock in time of the receiver you are using. I have a number of DACs here, and they vary tremendously in the amount of time the take to lock in on a signal. Some only take a few samples and are beyond detectability to your ear. I have a Sony 835 receiver and am aware of the longer lock in time it has, although I don't think it approaches the 4-5 seconds you mention. You can prove to yourself that the delay is in the receiver by connecting your players to two digital inputs on the receiver and switching back and forth between them from the front panel. When I try this with my Sony I experience exactly the same delay as I do with the DXS. The bottom line is that this receiver cannot switch from one digital source to another without a lock-in delay. This delay may become worse if you are doing complicated surround processing as well because it may take time to fill the FIR filters in the processor, although this delay does not necessarily equate to a loss of music.

The best solution I can think of to this is to have CDJ pre-switch the DXS for you and possibly add extra delay between songs (as an extension of the cross fading feature). The DXS can be connected to any S-Link port on the Slink-e and doesn't interfere with the CD players if it's on the same port. I'll try to add the delay feature soon and post the complete solution.


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