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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Re: Redux: DXS Setup

Posted By: Justin Gillis <justingillis@c...>
Date: 1/19/00 10:19pm

In Response To: Re: Redux: DXS Setup (Paul)

Paul, do you have a theory that autosensing can be switched off on any amp? I see no evidence in the documentation with my Sony 835 that it can be, but of course Sony's manuals are awful. There is a setting for auto-format decoding, but having this on seems necessary in an all-digital system that includes DTS and DVD capability.

In response to Colby's post, I certainly don't claim a 4-5 second delay, even if others claim that. My delay is a fraction of a second, but it is quite noticeable nonetheless. I think the solution of having CDJ pre-switch the DXS and briefly pause the player is fine; I am not worried about a slight additional delay between songs. Ideally this control would override the DXS's internal settings when CDJ is running but let DXS revert to its usual behavior when CDJ is off. This of course would preserve DXS functionality when people are switching manually or controlling their systems with IR keypads.

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