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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7


Posted By: Tim Fraley <Tim@p...>
Date: 2/4/00 5:47pm

Just wondering if it's just me or what. It seems that every since the DXS came out the Slink-e/cdj has suffered, there has been only one new release of slink-e and most of the changes were for DXS user. The New release does have some problems, My players lose connection with CDJ, When i add a new song to the play list alot of the time CDJ will stop playing the song it is on and start playing the one i just added even tho it is not the next one! My screen saver have stopped working with the new release, its like they are bringing up another copy of Slink serv and can not get to the port because the other copy has it. I have uninstalled all cdj and slink serv and reinstalled new copies with no help to these problems. spme times i will have a playlist playing and the players just keep playing the next song on the disk avoiding the playlist all together.

I know the DXS is nice but is kinda pricy when you can get a real nice mixer and still have the fade option work.

Colby, Please dont abanden the CDJ software even if you have to charge a fee for upgreads. Still waiting for a real good network version of cdj!


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