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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7


Posted By: David Aue <aue@n...>
Date: 2/12/00 4:51am

In Response To: PROBLEMS (Tim Fraley)

Hi Tim,

Yes there has been a lull in our software activity. It hasn't really had much to do with the DXS since we finished that product and it basically just works. Mostly we are spending a our time on manufacturing issues and technical support. I don't know if people realize how small we are but there are not so many hands around here to do the grunt work of running the bussiness. Programming time seems like a luxury anymore. Anyway Colby recenty made a 2-way EZLearn and just added a bunch of long time favorite feature requests to a new beta version so hopefully that will keep people intrigued for a little while. We are also planning a usabilty overhaul of the software over the next few months that should pretty things up a bit and make it easier for more novice users to get things working. In the long run that should lessen our tech support load and free us up to add more features for the experts.

A really good network version would be very cool. DCOM has turned out to be pretty lame IMHO. People have wildly varying success rates with the technology and Windows is so obscuring that it is often difficult if not mpossible to find the causes of problems. Perhaps someone out there would like to socket enhance our low-level driver code. That would go a long way towards a useful network product.

Thanks for your input,

David Aue Nirvis Systems

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