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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7


Posted By: Tim Fraley <Tim@p...>
Date: 2/12/00 12:48pm

In Response To: Re: PROBLEMS (David Aue)

Thanks For Responding! I do realize that you all have a small group(maybe just the two of you) working on these products, its just that the slink is such a great product and fill's A need that a lot of people need filling! And the slink Has a lot of patchinal to be a first class audio solution which could mean a lot of money and recognition for you guys. I often wonder why Sony over looked this huge market because it locks customers into buying the sony players with slink! I have also heard that sony may abandoned the slink technology all together and go with 2-way infer-red. What a mistake that would be on their part. I wish i had the knowledge to help write a nice interface for the CDJ because i would do it in a second, but i am not quite there and relies on you guys for adding the features that i would like to have. So many people are impressed with the way my system works when they come over and sit around to listen to music.

There are so many uses for a really good Net work version of the CDJ, to control it from any room of your house and have the nice screen savers showing(whitch can be done now with just the slink server). I would like to start selling and installing the slink box, that how much i am impressed by it! Any way i do look forward to your new releases in the further.

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