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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Configuring a Receiver

Posted By: Justin Gillis <justingillis@c...>
Date: 2/13/00 1:51pm

Help! I have CDJ running beautifully, but can't figure out from the Help files how to tie a receiver into the picture. I'm using a Sony 835 hooked to Slink-e via S-link. I've used the Add Device dialogue to add both a send and receive device with the device files that Nirvis distributes. Both devices show up in the CDJ user interface and a (somewhat limited) list of commands appears under the icons.

I want the following to happen: 1. When CDJ loads, I'd like it to switch the receiver on and switch the receiver input to MD (which happens to be the digital port I'm using to take the feed from a DXS unit that mixes three CD changers). 2. When CDJ exits, I'd like it to switch the amplifier off. Ideally I'd like to do all this over the S-link bus without having to set up an infrared hookup, which I don't really need for any other purpose.

Can anybody tell me how to do this? I realize from the help that I need to create a new map file and add some commands to it, but the help is utterly obscure about how to do this, where to get a list of the proper commands that will work with this receiver, and so forth.

I don't know if it's relevant, but even with the receiver showing up under Devices, the volume up and volume down buttons in CDJ have no effect, which makes me wonder if CDJ is really seeing the receiver.


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