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Re: Party Gui Help Please

Posted By: keith alexander <alexanders@r...>
Date: 2/23/00 6:14am

In Response To: Party Gui Help Please (Jim Shilts)

Sorry guys,

I have been travelling. I am unsure what the dependency is. If I install it on a clean win98 machine, it seems ok. The solution that worked for everyone was so convoluted that I just created a 'real' install for the application. It is really big (because it includes all the VB runtime crap as well) ~3meg, but it seemed to fix everyones problems. It is located at the link below http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/5728/partyon.zip.

I have created a zippy new version same place betagui.zip http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/5728/betagui.zip

It fixes the cover aspect ratio, adds display of title and artist, and adds an on the fly playlist creation. It is definitely beta, and is shakey at best, but if some of you could check it out, and give it a thumbs up or down I would appreciate it. (The none mucked version is still up there as fullwin.zip)


3 meg install

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