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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Support/No Support

Posted By: Don Schryver <radioguy@s...>
Date: 3/2/00 5:10pm

A few weeks ago I posted in this area... A request for others opinions on Slink-e and CDJ in general. Things like there support, ect. Well, based on your responses I ordered the Slink-e. First thing they did was to reply to an email about the order and include all of my personal information such as credit card number, exp. date, home address and phone, Etc. in unsecured mail! Then, after I get the thing I find that the doc's are very incomplete and don't print properly without loosing info. And last but not least, I sent the message below two days ago and have received no response..... So, at this point I would not recomend Nirvis products to others.

Ok, I got the slinkie installed and it seems to work ok but CDJ is another story... It is always loosing it's CD database when the CD or Track window is resized, says it's empty. Reload doesn't work, have to exit the program and restart it to get the info back again. The save database command or autosave takes far to long, about 2-3 minutes to complete so autosave is out of the question. The volume control doesn't work and I can't find any info in the doc's on how to make it work. Also there seems to be no info on setting up the IR system other that reading codes or something like that.

Like I said before the doc's are realy poor and I hope you can shed some light on the above problems. There are others, such as random play and crossfade not working properly but we'll get to that later. -don

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