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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Re: Handheld PC/Windows-CE/Slink-E interoperabilit

Posted By: Peter Baran <pbaran@s...>
Date: 3/7/00 1:33pm

In Response To: Re: Handheld PC/Windows-CE/Slink-E interoperabilit (David Da Costa)


You asked why not just use a Pronto? Well, because you can buy the Jornada for right around the same price...and when you buy the Pronto..you get a remote control...a graphically driven, macro friendly, highly customizable remote control.

But if you got it to work with a Jornada, you would essentially have the remote AND the computer in your hand for about the same price! That's right, you could have CD selection app right in your hand...and all accessible by a touchscreen. It would show stats in real time...heck, you could still use the CD Saver app and it would display either the lyrics or cover of the currently playing album.

And with most wireless networking, you could walk around your whole house with it and still control it...cool for parties, eh? And how about writing a little snippet of code to go out and search for MP3s on the Internet via a DSL line? "Hey, do you have that song by....?" Nope...but let me go get it and add it to the playlist....

I personally think the pronto is cool..but way overpriced. I got the much less flexible, but still cool Sony AV2000 touch screen remote for less than half the price of the Pronto.

Hope this helps.


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