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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Question about getting computer video out to TV

Posted By: Peter Baran <pbaran@s...>
Date: 3/7/00 1:51pm

I currently use an old Toshiba laptop to control my CDJ. I bought a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and it works like a charm. Next, I bought a TVGold PRO scan converter to get video from the laptop to the TV.

I am aware of some of the technical differences involved, but I spent a bit of money on the converter. But the picture is still quite blurry...not so bad for periodic use...but not pleasant to work with for more than a few minutes.

Is there anyone that makes a dedicated videocard that provides the native scan modes of a tv? I would image one that could would be able to provide a nice clear picture.

Any ideas or help? Otherwise, I am going to hide the pc and go with a Jornada type app to control the whole darn thing remotely. If I do that, what I really need is some type of black box that will receive the wireless Ethernet signal and convert it to Serial. This would, in essence, free the CDJ from needing to be anywhere near the Slinke.

Any ideas on either tack?


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