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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Re: New Slink-e suggestion

Posted By: Barry Gordon <Barry@t...>
Date: 3/11/00 4:44pm

In Response To: New Slink-e suggestion (Mike Zmuda)

Given A PC and a little ingenuity and a lot of Programming know how, you can do what you want today. I use the Slink-e to drive all of my IR in my HT. I wrote programs to analyze IR so I could determine the underlying protocols (most of them are documented between this BBS and the Pronto remote BBS's). Given the analysis, I wrote a program that will read a description of the protocol and build the proper low level device files for the Slink-e to send IR. I can share code if someone wants it, but is is all in VB not C++. My control of IR used to be based on special PC boards, now it is all done by the slink-e. I do not use the slinkeServer for X10, I talk directly to the CM11A using code I developed (also available) I will send source, but I travel a lot so give me time. Source is not well documented. I use VB6 The slink-e can send any IR pattern if you can develop the low level timing. It is not hard.

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