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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: DXS Dropouts

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 4/21/00 9:36pm

In Response To: DXS Dropouts (Justin Gillis)

As was noted in those posts, this is not a problem with the DXS and therefore isn't something which can be fixed with some change in DXS firmware. Basically, it has to do with D/A converter systems (Sony receivers in particular) which take a long time (seconds) to lock into new signals. Because CDJ prequeues discs and plays them back-to-back, you would loose the first few seconds of the next track. The easiest solution will come in a release of CDJ software I plan to put out this weekend. In the new software you will be able to adjust the cross-fader such that you can put any delay you want between songs. By using this and having CDJ manually switch the DXS while it's running, you can provide enough time for your receiver to "lock in" before the next item starts playing. I should note that if you have a DAC with a fast lock in time, none of this is a problem. Some users of high end DACs have received software upgrades which removed this problem for them.


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