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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

playlist_load[filename] filename format

Posted By: Steve Larsen <sglarsen@m...>
Date: 4/29/00 10:39am

What is the format for "filename" in the playlist_load[filename] command in the map file? I have a Phast Landmark home automation system spitting IR commands to the slink-e. In the map file I am taking certain IR commands received and mapping them to load a specific playlist using cdj:playlist_load[filename] where I've identified [filename] virtually every way I can think of (e.g. quotes, no quotes, single quotes, full file path, filename only, filename without extention, etc.). No matter what, the CDJ does not recognize the command and instead tries to load the last opened playlist. Interestingly, however, even trying to load the last opened playlist fails, even though the log describes the path correctly. Any ideas?

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