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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Mapping based on multiple IR commands?

Posted By: Steve Larsen <sglarsen@m...>
Date: 4/29/00 10:58am

I have a Phast Landmark home automation system, currently spitting out IR commands that the slink-e is receiving and then mapping those commands to perform specific playlist functions in CDJ (in essence its like pointing a remote at the slink-e to control the CDJ and ultimately my Sony multi-disc player). My problem is that the Landmark stores my playlists as "Discs" in a virtual CD changer. This is good in that it allows me to display my list of playlist titles on LCD keypads around the house automatically. However, when I select a playlist from Landmark, it sends normal "disc" IR commands to slink-e in the form of disc, disc number, track, track number. I need to map these commands to playlist "files". Log example: cdir:disc cdir:2 cdir:track cdir:1

My current mapping needs to act on multiple commands because acting on just the "disc" command wouldn't tell me which playlist to load. Acting on "2" would tell me what playlist to load, however, when the command for track number occurs two commands later it would map and act by loading a new playlist. Long story short ;-), is there a way to read an IR command and "wait" for the next command to see if the two together make sense to act on? If not, is there a way to tell CDJ to ignore the next x number of commands? In other words, the first number I see would tell me its a disc rather than track and I could act on it and then I would know that there will be two additional commands coming (one for track and one for track number) which I could instruct CDJ (through the map file) to ignore or skip.

Sorry for the long detail, but I feel I'll be "stress testing" this great product over the next few months...

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