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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

New CDJ version (beta)

Posted By: Colby boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 4/30/00 8:16pm

I've put a new version of CDJ on the site. It fixes a number of small bugs, but also uses a completely different playlist controller. Since the controller is so different, I'm reluctant to make a general release until some brave souls try it (it works great for me). You can download it here:


Here's a synopsis of the changes

4/29/00 Valid COM port detection via the registry helps prevent crashes in Win98 when requesting invalid COM ports. 4/25/00 Tooltips now drop away when clicked, allowing user to edit underlying text Sorting by date now works as expected Fixed group numbering Fixed notes search Improved Album / Track splitter sizing logic UI activity now prevents auto search Disc location shown on inexact matches Fixed crash on CDDB server search Totally new playlist controller * All players in the correct state - all the time * Infinite queue-ahead (every changer which can be loaded will be) * Negative overlap (can put spaces between tracks) Fixed missing Date Added for CD-Text discs Better ADO error reporting

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