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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: New CDJ version (beta)

Posted By: Don Schryver <radioguy@s...>
Date: 5/4/00 9:17am

In Response To: New CDJ version (beta) (Colby boles)


Ok, I take some of the good things I said back. There is still a few small problems with the beta....

1- When double clicking on a CD to play, from the album window, the first thing that happens is that CDJ goes and highlites disk 200 in player 2 in the album window and the associated 1st track of that disk in the track window while it is loading the disk that you clicked on. When play starts, the correct disk and track info is then highlited. This isn't a real problem, just sloppy looking.

2- When CDJ detects players, it detects the 240 as a 240 and displays it as such however when it detects the 220 it displays this long list saying that it's a 220/240/260 Something, something. Again, just looks sloppy.

3- Scroll bars are ok here.

4- CDJ seems to be randomly marking disks as missing when, in fact they are still there. Seems the only way to get them back is to remove them, do a search, let CDJ discover they are realy missing and then reinstall them and do another search. After that, there back again. This has happened 3 times with this version and with disks that were newly installed, and cataloged, a few days before this beta was installed, if that helps.


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