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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

2 Questions-Cross Fade & CD Text

Posted By: Jayson R. Chitwood <jrcmphs1@b...>
Date: 5/20/00 2:58am

Just got my Slinke today and all I have to say is, "what a WONDERFUL new toy!!!". Thanks to all that have put hard work into this product.

As a newbie, I have a couple of questions......

1) I can't get the cross fade within CDJ to work properly. I have two Sony CDP-CX335 (replaces the CX300) changers. I have one set as a master & one as a slave. I have piggy-backed the audio connections since I did not have additonal audio inputs on my receiver. In order to get output from the slave, I had to connect the two players via AII. I have Slinke running to the master only (when I connected to both, it showed I had four players instead of two). Is there anything I am overlooking? Cross fade when not in CDJ works fine.

2) Since these players are CD Text compatible, is there any way to get more than 13 characters to the player? What about track titles? When a CD has CD Text, the display will scroll the entire selection. Is this a future enhancement, or am I not on the clue bus here?

Sorry for the long post -- just excited that I now have access to my 500+ CD collection......

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