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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: CDJ database in MS Access

Posted By: Michael Jachimowicz <maj7510@r...>
Date: 5/29/00 2:02pm

In Response To: Re: CDJ database in MS Access (Bill Marksteiner)

Here is the way I did it. Yes I'm using Access 97. My original user.mdb was not compacted (the CDJ default is not compacted(Colby correct me)). I had no trouble opening this file, I'm using the latest beta, however I have never had any trouble with previous versions of CDJ. I tried to duplicate the unrecognized file format you two are getting, and I did this by selecting compact. After I did that Access 97 would not open it, giving me the unrecognized file format error. I corrected this by opening CDJ and letting it load the compacted database (user.mdb), CDJ now has all CD Data loaded, So I went to View>Options>Library/Images. Under the radio button that has "use database file", it has a path next to it. I just changed the name of the database file to myuser.mdb leaving the path the same. After doing this I selected the Apply button (lower right), then I closed the dialog. I then selected Library> Save All, CDJ came up with a dialog saying the file did not exist and would I like to create it. I selected Yes. I then looked in the directory and the new myuser.mdb was there. I tried to open it in Access 97 and it opened just fine. I then tried to open user.mdb(still compacted) and I still got the error. I do have Access 2000 and it will open the compacted user.mdb. My opinion is that if you do all of the above and you still get the file format error, install system update provided on this site, and see if your running the latest Access 97 updates from MS (SR-2) another option (send me the .mdb I have several thousand dollars worth of software, I can fix/convert the user.mdb into any thing you want including Oracle 8i) It should not matter if CDJ is open or not, I did it both ways and it worked the same.

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