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PartyGUI two Screens

Posted By: Keith Alexander <alexanders@r...>
Date: 5/29/00 8:36pm

Well I didn't get any volunteers for the PartyGUI Beta on two screens for the win98 folks that asked me for it, but I guessed in mSofts usual kludgy way it would be funky. I am not sure how to support it here is how I coded it (kludgy but it works:

I added two variables in the ini file Top and Left Defaults to 0,0 User specifies new coordinates (you will have to play around to get it right sorry) Then the screen comes up maximized on the second monitor.

This is wierd/nonstandard, but whats a boy to do? Only other choice would be drag bar but that would f-up the look and feel. Any thoughts?.

I replaced all the screen fade crap with the window animation routines that are native to 98/NT/2000 how many folks are on win95? I would hate to make the app so OS dependent right now I am checking the OS string, and avoiding the routine in

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