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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Sony CDP-CX450 & CDP-CX57

Posted By: Dave <dmorgen@a...>
Date: 6/11/00 1:18pm

I've owned a Sony CDP-CX57 (50+1 CD player) for awhile. I just purchased a CDP-CX450 (400 CD player). I have the 2 connected via SLINK. I've barely loaded the CX450 ... it's going to be a lot of work disassembling 400 jewel boxes, loading CDs & storing booklets. But what I really dreaded was loading all those names! Then I heard of the Slink-E. It sounds great. How do you all like it? (For $200 I don't want to just jump in!)

Some specific questions:

1. The Sony manuals warn against using digital/optical outputs when CD players are connected. I spoke with Sony customer service & they said using either player's digital output can burn up all connected equipment!!! This sounds bogus to me. But I hesitate to take any risk with the CD players & my Minidisc recorder. Presumably, using Slink-e, the CD players aren't connected to each other, so I could safely use their digital outputs?

2. Will the Slink-e support use of the CX450's Artist list, and also allow assignment of group & artist to each CD? If so, when?

3. My stereo is on the other side of the room from my PC. Presumably, the Slink-e goes next to the stereo, and I can run a long cable circuitously to the PC. But I was wondering what the IR device does, and if it can help solve this problem?


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