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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

DXS Switching Problems

Posted By: Justin Gillis <justin_dc@h...>
Date: 6/11/00 12:12pm

I am one of the users with DXS switching problems caused by the slowness with which Sony amps "see" a new incoming digital bitstream. (The first second or so of a song gets dropped when DXS switches.) Still searching for a solution to this serious issue.

I'm wondering whether the 5/22 beta of CDJ offers a solution. I have yet to download it but have seen mention on the board that it allows insertion of a time gap between songs. Is this, combined with giving CDJ control over switching the DXS instead of letting it switch automatically, enough to solve the problem? I note that when a digital bitstream is fed directly from a CD player to a Sony amp and the player is put into "pause," the amp remains locked on the digital signal and reads it instantly when play resumes. That does not happen with DXS in auto-sensing mode, presumably because the device is not actually switching until it sees music data, rather than just pause-mode data.

If the new CDJ can throw a player briefly into pause while switching DXS to that input (regardless of the content of the bitstream), I presume a Sony amp should be able to lock onto the paused signal and be ready to play the instant the song starts. Can anybody advise if this is likely to work, or do more pieces yet need to fall into place to solve the switching problem?

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