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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: DXS Switching Problems

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 6/13/00 2:07am

In Response To: DXS Switching Problems (Justin Gillis)

The problem can be solved with the 5/22 and newer version of CDJ. You need to do the following things:

1) Adjust the cross-fader control so that there is a space between songs of a few seconds (this will give the receiver the lock-in time it needs)

This alone won't work, because the DXS doesn't switch until the music starts playing. The solution is to have the particular DXS output that you use in manual mode while CDJ is running and have CDJ switch it. Here's how

2) Plug your DXS into a Slink-e S-Link port, say SL3 3) In CDJ under View | Options | Devices, add the Device Files\Nirvis\dxssls.cde device file, give it the name "dxs" (quotes not incl.) and select the S-Link port to which it is connected. 4) Edit your maps.txt file in the CDJ directory to have the following:

cdjr:startup {

dxssls:set_outmode[0000] # output 1 on manual during CDJ session } cdjr:shutdown {

dxssls:set_outmode[0401] # output 1 on auto after CDJ session } cdjr:using_player[cd1] {

dxssls:set_port[0000] # output 1 set to input 1 } cdjr:using_player[cd2] {

dxssls:set_port[0001] # output 1 set to input 2 } cdjr:using_player[cd3] {

dxssls:set_port[0002] # output 1 set to input 3 } cdjr:using_player[mp3] {

dxssls:set_port[0003] # output 1 set to input 4 }

obviously, you can change which input and output ports are being used here quite easily....


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