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Re: DCOM, Win2K & CDJ

Posted By: Curt Blood <curtb@s...>
Date: 6/14/00 12:16am

In Response To: Re: DCOM, Win2K & CDJ (Doug Phillips)

Can you give a bigger picture of the setup please.... Reason is I'm not sure if your trying to run all on one machine or between several across a network....

I personally have a full NT4 Domain as well as a Win2000 Domain at my home, with trusts between them, yes I know bit of over kill, but wanted to see the issues of trusts between 2 domains under 2 different operating systems, anyway, I also run several win98 machines with on TCIP protocol registering with the domain controllers, and except for a recent small issue which Colby fixed, Thanks Colby, all the systems have worked with CDJ.... In fact I had never tried CDJ and Slinksrv on the 2000 machine even though that was the connection to the Slink-e box for the Comport connection, so I installed directly on that machine and except for a missing DLL (msvcp60.dll) the install went correctly, after putting the missing dll in the Win2000 system directory CDJ took off and ran like a charm..... By the way I also put all my data files, ie library, playlists, and album covers on a single share on one of the the domain controller so no matter which machine I start CDJ from I have the same info and any changes made will be reflected when I start CDJ from another machine. CDP-CX300, CDP-CX350, and CDP-CX400 online at this time. Maybe that gives some clue, but if not try and elaborate on your setup.... Good Luck...... AGAIN THANKS TO Colby, you do a great job of dealing with issues


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