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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: CDJ 6/12 beta can't find my Slink-e

Posted By: Curt Blood <curtb@s...>
Date: 6/16/00 1:38am

In Response To: CDJ 6/12 beta can't find my Slink-e (Kevin Ball)

Kevin, I had the same problem, as it turns out Colby is working on some things that included better control over the ports so SLINK-E dosen't look at and at times have trouble with none existant ports..... So there is a line you can add in the registry that will identify the ports, usually the reg only id's Com 1 & 2 and I was and am using Com5 so I added it and all works fine now

I would only suggest that you touch the registry if your completly comfortable in editing the registry correctly, one goof and big problems could exist... If you are comfortable then find the following:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\SERIALCOMM in the left window of the registry editor, once there you should see, in the right window the COM's defined.... My guess is, in your case, COM4 does not exist... IF COM 4 IS THERE I would not do anything else and don't know what to suggest.... IF COM 4 is not there then in the right window do a RIGHT CLICK with the mouse and select a new STRING VALUE Once it appears then RENAME it to COM4 Then Dbl Click on it and enter it's value as COM4 It should appear exactly as the other entries but for COM4 in your case. Exit Registry editor and give it a shot, should work.... Hmmm can't remember if I had to reboot or not, either way reboot and try if it dosen't work.... Hope that makes sense and helps. AGAIN a STRONG reminder if your not comfortable with the Registry editor I would hold off....


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