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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

X-10 Frustrations

Posted By: George Mayleben <Gamayleben@a...>
Date: 6/22/00 12:18pm

CDJ will not receive or transmit X-10 commands via the CM11a interface. I have spent the last week troubleshooting my system and have determined it is not a hardware problem. I did this by trying different CM11a's and by testing the serial ports.

I want CDJ to respond to a generic NEC commands being sent by Pronto remote and then sending an appropriate X-10 command to turn lights on and off.

I have added the cm11a.cde file as a device called "x10". In the dialog window for adding the device, I have checked Slink-e #1 and device #1. I do not have either the IR0 or the SL0 items checked.

When I send the IR command, I get the indication the it was received but then get no X-10 response from CDJ.

My map file shows the line:



The CM11a will not receive X-10 commands either. I have sent different on and off commands but have seen no response from CDJ.

Can anyone offer any suggestion?!!

My WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is at an all time low!!



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