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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Re: Is Nirvis ActiveX code VBasic?

Posted By: Jon Welfringer
Date: 7/4/00 12:55pm

In Response To: Is Nirvis ActiveX code VBasic? (Dennis Laslo)


Colby uses MS Visual C++ for the majority of his stuff. Only a few of the sample programs are in VB. SLINKX is definately in C++.

I haven't come across the issue with using an OCX built in VB not being able to be used in Delphi, but then again I haven't tried one. I can see why it may cause problems though, as there are major fundamental architecture differences between VB and other true native code compilers like C++ or Delphi (notably in OOP and inheritance).

Did you receive the Delphi sample code for IrHelper that I sent you? Were you able to open this project in Delphi and recompile it? If you would like me to try your code on my computer and Delphi install, send it on over. I suspect there is either something wrong in the code, or something with your environment - ie. version of SlinkX, Delphi import file, etc.

Using OCX's in Delphi really is quite easy. You shouldn't be having this much trouble, so I suspect something is out of whack somewhere.

- Jon

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