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Re: How do I Modify the Database

Posted By: Mike Andreas <mandreas@e...>
Date: 7/8/00 11:45am

In Response To: How do I Modify the Database (Darrell Bright)

I have had the same experience with attempting to use Access 97 to update the data base. It appears to me that once the data base reaches a certain size, that CDJ will automatically compact the data base regardless of whether or not you select compaction. After compaction, Access 97 will not recognize the data base. The sample data base is small enough that compaction is not performed.

Would be nice if this could be looked into.

What I did was to save the data base in a text format (look in your settings menu), and then perform the edits with MS Word being sure to save it in a text format. The resulting file is similar to a cdplayer.ini file. I didn't have any problems in performing an edit that ruined the formatting to where CDJ couldn't read the file, but this is always a possibility so saving backup copies and testing of your edited file periodically is recommended.

CDJ will always nag you about coverting your data base when it opens in the text format. I don't know if there are any other serious deficiencies to the text format other than the nag message, but after you've done most of the heavy editing, you may want to go ahead and convert back over to the other format.

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