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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

How do I Modify the Database

Posted By: Darrell Bright <sobright@c...>
Date: 7/8/00 4:53am

I have been a Slink-e/CDJ user for about four hours - got it in the mail yesterday. I have used CDDB and downloaded all of the title/album information available for most of my collection. The connections are fine and the single player that I have thus far connected works great. However, the database information is replete with misspellings and often title and artist are listed in the same column making searches more difficult. I would like to straighten out these records but cannot open the database using Access '97. The sample database that also came with the product opens correctly but my database returns the following message, "UNRECOGNISED DATABASE FORMAT". I know that I can also make changes by double clicking the particular track to make changes inside CDJ but it sure is going to be more time consuming. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

One more stupid question. Given that I bought the slink-e for my music collection and am using "S-Link" type connecters successfully, for what might I use the telephone cord and the small square box with telephone jack. Is this for use with some kind of infared devices?

Thanks - I promise to get smarter.

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