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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Feature Requests

Posted By: Don Haberek <dhaberek@m...>
Date: 8/11/00 12:14pm

I know you're a busy man Colby, so I'm just hoping for at least one. If I knew C++ I'd do it myself, my old 6502 assembler knowledge isn't helping me much here. I'm already doing all these with map files but it takes a lot of time to update them each time I move discs around. These are all for the CX-300.

SLAVE MEMOS: My 200 disc changer doesn't support memos but the 300 will hold them for it. Aside from just uploading the memos you'll have to toggle the MEGA-CONTROL (cdca:player_select) so that when a track from the slave is playing, it will be displayed. I'm presently being asked "If it's ZZ TOP that's playing, why does your player say AEROSMITH?" REMINDER: When uploading slave memos, use op-code 81 instead of 80. Sorry I don't know how to download a single slave memo but op-code 91 gives a slave memo dump.

GROUP TEXT and FILES: You're going to have to make this info editable in CDJ again. It would be nice if there was a column in the album window with the group number that you could edit. I also realize that the info will be held in different places depending on the deck. REMINDER: This info is stored in the memo text area after the last disc, first the group numbers then the group text. Uploadable with the same op-code as memo text.

DELETE FILES: You're already downloading this info and checking the neverplay boxes with it. A suggestion just to make CDJ look cool, on every item with the neverplay box checked, turn the disc or track number red. To upload the info, first read the delete file and do an exclusive or with the desired file. Then queue up each track you want to toggle and send a cdca:check then clear. Even if you're doing quite a few, it should still take less than a minute and makes the carosel go-round but works. REMINDER: You'll have to move to another disc right away when your done, or the player will make the tracks "ALL ON".

Later, Don

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