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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Slink-e reliability issue

Posted By: Srivatsan Parthasarathy <srivatsanp@h...>
Date: 8/22/00 4:40pm

I have a setup where I use Slinke to gather IR (thru nirvis IR receivers) from different rooms and then funnel back to devices in my media room. I trap some of these remote codes on my PC (web page that hosts the slinkx control, plus CDJ running that the page scripts to). I have two problems

1) sometimes the slinke device will go into a hung state where it won't forward any IR anymore till I go down to my basement and fire an IR directly at the slinke device after which point it gets OK again. As you can tell I hate having this ever happen

2) sometimes, slinkeserv will be displaying a dreaded "advise marshall failed" messagebox and hence my IR doesn't get forwarded. This messagebox will require my going down to my basement again to go past this box followed by numerous "no sink" messageboxes, and then restart of slinkserv. Again hate having to do this :)

I am running with 10/15 bits on a win95 machine. Any help in debugging wil be appreciated. But for this, great when it all works.

Thx -- vatsan

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