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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Need EZ Learn IR CDE generation help!

Posted By: Srivatsan Parthasarathy <srivatsanp@h...>
Date: 8/24/00 4:56pm

I am trying to make an IR cde file for RM-D10P remote commander from Sony. I don't have this remote but I have a Pronto CCF file. I am just using this remote to talk to my PC thru Slinke, so I need RX essentially. I heard that this was associated with the sony minidics. Since I couldn't find any CDEs directly I tried to import from mdir.cde, minidiscir.cde and sonyir.cde one at a time, but nothing really worked. I made the following cde using mdir.cde

I added this device at IR5. Note: I had already mapped another sony CD player device on this same IR, but I hope that's allowed. I learnt the codes for letter uppercase A and B, but CDJ gives the following nomatch error instead of ky_bed5:A

desc=New Device File type=ir group= carrier=40000.000000 repeat=2 pause=-25000 sleep=-100000 zero=600 -600 one=1200 -600 start=2400 -600 stop= prefix= suffix= 10101110000110:A 101110000110:B

CDJ output: nomatch:ir5(sony)[01000010101110000110] --- I expect A cdslr001:mode[008000C400] cdsls001:mode nomatch:ir5(sony)[10000010101110000110] ---- I expect B

I would appreciate any tips or help on how to make the CDE file. I found the following information about the RMD10-P on the web at http://fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de/~columbus/lirc/remotes/sony/RM-D10P if you think that will help in the CDE creation. Thx

# contributed by Wolfgang Reichling (Wolfgang.Reichling@gmx.de) # # brand: Sony # model: rm-d10p # supported devices: Various Sony Minidisc Decks #

begin remote

name rm-d10p bits 20 flags SPACE_ENC|CONST_LENGTH eps 30 aeps 100

header 2441 554 one 1234 553 zero 637 553 gap 44695 repeat_bit 0 frequency 40000

begin codes

space 0x0000000000004B86

exclamation 0x0000000000084B86

doublequote 0x0000000000044B86

hash 0x00000000000C4B86

dollar 0x0000000000024B86

percent 0x00000000000A4B86

ampersand 0x0000000000064B86

apostrophe 0x00000000000E4B86

open_parenthesis 0x0000000000014B86

close_parenthesis 0x0000000000094B86

asterick 0x0000000000054B86

plus 0x00000000000D4B86

comma 0x0000000000034B86

dash 0x00000000000B4B86

period 0x0000000000074B86

slash 0x00000000000F4B86

colon 0x000000000005CB86

semicolon 0x00000000000DCB86

lessthan 0x000000000003CB86

greaterthan 0x000000000007CB86

question 0x00000000000FCB86

0 0x000000000000CB86

1 0x000000000008CB86

2 0x000000000004CB86

3 0x00000000000CCB86

4 0x000000000002CB86

5 0x00000000000ACB86

6 0x000000000006CB86

7 0x00000000000ECB86

8 0x000000000001CB86

9 0x000000000009CB86

cap_a 0x0000000000082B86

cap_b 0x0000000000042B86

cap_c 0x00000000000C2B86

cap_d 0x0000000000022B86

cap_e 0x00000000000A2B86

cap_f 0x0000000000062B86

cap_g 0x00000000000E2B86

cap_h 0x0000000000012B86

cap_i 0x0000000000092B86

cap_j 0x0000000000052B86

cap_k 0x00000000000D2B86

cap_l 0x0000000000032B86

cap_m 0x00000000000B2B86

cap_n 0x0000000000072B86

cap_o 0x00000000000F2B86

cap_p 0x000000000000AB86

cap_q 0x000000000008AB86

cap_r 0x000000000004AB86

cap_s 0x00000000000CAB86

cap_t 0x000000000002AB86

cap_u 0x00000000000AAB86

cap_v 0x000000000006AB86

cap_w 0x00000000000EAB86

cap_x 0x000000000001AB86

cap_y 0x000000000009AB86

cap_z 0x000000000005AB86

a 0x0000000000086B86

b 0x0000000000046B86

c 0x00000000000C6B86

d 0x0000000000026B86

e 0x00000000000A6B86

f 0x0000000000066B86

g 0x00000000000E6B86

h 0x0000000000016B86

i 0x0000000000096B86

j 0x0000000000056B86

k 0x00000000000D6B86

l 0x0000000000036B86

m 0x00000000000B6B86

n 0x0000000000076B86

o 0x00000000000F6B86

p 0x000000000000EB86

q 0x000000000008EB86

r 0x000000000004EB86

s 0x00000000000CEB86

t 0x000000000002EB86

u 0x00000000000AEB86

v 0x000000000006EB86

w 0x00000000000EEB86

x 0x000000000001EB86

y 0x000000000009EB86

z 0x000000000005EB86

end codes

end remote

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