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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

EZ-Learn & Adcom remote

Posted By: Paul Minni <pmvision@c...>
Date: 8/24/00 4:47pm

Hello All,

I'm having difficulty "learning" the remote for an Adcom GTP-500(late 80's tuner/preamp). I haven't been able to decipher a working set of Pattern data for a TX/RX device file. Most of the sampled functions work, most of the time. Certain ones not at all. It seems that the sampled values change. Consecutive "learns" result in different values for the same button (ie. power toggle). Some commands function well(single-click)at a sample resolution of 100ms. Others require two clicks or changing the slink-e sample rate to 200ms and resample. At 200ms, the ones that work fine at 100ms don't function. The physical remote works every time...

I have been able to create a fully functional(albeit small) code set for a Mitsubishi HS-710 VCR(circa 1984) from analyzing its sampled data, so I think I have a handle on the process, but this Adcom remote has me stumped...

Any ideas, tweaks, suggestions?

Thanks, Paul Minni pmvision@csi.com

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