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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Re: EZ-Learn & Adcom remote

Posted By: Paul Minni <pmvision@c...>
Date: 8/29/00 1:38pm

In Response To: EZ-Learn & Adcom remote (Paul Minni)


Yes, I tried new batteries(two sets in fact). I may try the learning remote system. I don't think I find one with Adcom support, in fact, so far I came across only one that listed Adcom in their supported codes sets but it was only for CD players. I tried to get help from Adcom on their website but, their feedback form only takes your name & address. No place to enter any message, SO 20th century... The sales literature already arrived... I think I'll buy a SONY ES.

It's funny how certain keys work and others don't. For instance, I can tune up but can't tune down. I can learn all the station presets except #4 & #8. I can volume up smoothly but volume down requires at least two clicks. The power toggle is iffy. Especially, when used in an event map. It turns things off whe I want them on and vice versa. The listening button only works if sampled at 100ms.

BTW, does anyone know what it means when the selected waveform in E-Z Learn disappears after "trying" it. This happens sometimes.

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