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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

cdj not sending mp3 ir command!

Posted By: Mark Brink <xenoi@j...>
Date: 9/3/00 11:00pm

I'm having problems sending an ir command to my amp when cdj switchs to mp3. My map file entry looks like this:

cdjr:using_player[mp3] {SonyAmp:video2}

This works by pausing and starting the playlist manually by double clicking on an mp3 file. But when it automaticaly goes from cd to mp3, cdj does not seem to send the command.

Here's a portion of the log:

cdjr:playlist_play cdjr:using_player[cd1] sonyamp:cd <--switches to cd fine cdsls004a:pause_dt[3901] cdsls004a:pause_dt[3901] cdslr001:pause cdslr004a:goto_disc[39] cdslr001:unloading cdsls001:mode cdslr004a:mode[0240003901] cdsls001:mode cdslr004a:mode[0240003901] cdjr:using_player[mp3] <--doesn't send command cdsls001:pause_dt[F507] cdsls001:mode cdslr001:mode[024000F507] cdsls001:mode cdslr001:mode[024000F507] cdjr:playlist_stop

Now here's when I double click in the playlist window to start an mp3:

cdjr:playlist_play cdjr:using_player[mp3] sonyamp:video2 <--sends the command

This also works when I press the play button on the toolbar.

Colby, any ideas? This hasn't worked for a while. My other Kenwood amp did the same thing.

On another note. Is there a way to play mp3's through dcom on the server computer?

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