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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Re: CDJ "loses touch" with Slink-e?

Posted By: Jonathan Broome <jbroome@w...>
Date: 9/26/00 2:39pm

In Response To: Re: CDJ "loses touch" with Slink-e? (Colby boles)

* Are you using slinkeserv?


* Is CDJ able to start a player playing at this point [...] * I'm wondering if both the send and receive are dead.

Clicking on Play/Pause has no effect on any of the three changers.

I did notice that the green/yellow communications LED on the Slink-e continues to blink, approx. once/twice per second, if that helps...

* Can you simply restart CDJ and things will be working again, or do you need to power down the Slink-e?

Closing CDJ and restarting it seems to *usually* work, although occasionally it doesn't find the Slink-e ("No Slink-es found"), or it shows something different for one of the players - instead of "CDP-CX400", it's "CDP-CX400/450").

Hmm, it just did that to me: it lost touch, I restarted - "No Slink-es found", I restarted - "CDP-CX400/450" instead of "CDP-CX400". (The player it got wrong happened to still be playing at the time I restarted.) It could control the player at this time, at least. When I restarted *again*, it got the player name right. Another experiment - it seems that if I leave the player(s) playing when I exit, then restart, it seems to always show the name as "CX400/450" for each player already playing, instead of "CX400".

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