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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Re: CDJ "loses touch" with Slink-e?

Posted By: Curt Blood <curtb@o...>
Date: 9/26/00 10:03pm

In Response To: Re: CDJ "loses touch" with Slink-e? (Jonathan Broome)

Colby this is exactly what I was talking about in a previous thread, What's more interesting is that once in a blue moon do I loose total control, meaning that even though the timecode display freezes, I can still STOP and Shut down the players when I exit, as well restarting CDJ almost always brings back the system to a working state. Once stopped though I cannot get anything else to function, like restarting the playlist just causes it to try and load the songs but when CDJ does not get a response from the players it moves to the next disc so on, and so on... Again the players try to respond but the time code is still frozen on the last song it was playing .. Does not seem to matter weather using the server or not.


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