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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Re: Newbie Question-CDJ and remote

Posted By: Barry Gordon <Barry@t...>
Date: 9/27/00 12:46pm

In Response To: Newbie Question-CDJ and remote (Lenny Mann)

From what I have read it seems that it is possible to control CDJ using a remote. Is this true? YES

If so, can any remote be used,ie. can I use the remote that comes with the CDPCX400 changer or my Sony DVD remote,etc. YES

It seems that a device file is needed. Is this file associated with the remote doing the controlling? YES (OR THE COMMANDS RECEIVED BY THE UNIT, THEY ARE THE SAME THING)

Is there one for the above changer/DVD remotes. CHECK THIS SITE FILE DOWNLOAD SECTION

If all this is so, can someone please provide me the procedure for doing so or a least point me to the appropriate documentation. THE HELP FILES COVER IT. BUT IT IS NOT EASY. YOU WILL NEED THE EAZYLEARN PROGRAM WHICH IS ON THIS SITE. GO THROUGH PREVIOUS POSTS ON THIS BBS IT IS HERE BUT HARD TO FIND

Thanks for taking the time to help a novice at this. YOU ARE WELCOME GOOD LUCK

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