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CDJ Y2K Bug? Error 8002000a

Posted By: Jim Glidewell <jim_glidewell@y...>
Date: 11/15/00 3:18pm

In my continuing quest to get CDJ running on an Everex laptop, I have made some progress, and determined a bit more about the problem I have been having with MS ADO.

(See "Cannot Save Library" thread...)

I decided to try moving a user.mdb file from my desktop machine (where everything had run fine) to the laptop, which generated an error:

> Error occured while attempting to use MS ADO 2.1. ...install this compomnent > before attempting to use the database functions of CDJ.

> Error 8002000a out of present range

every time I had tried to save a library.

Lo and behold, everything worked! All the CD's and tracks loaded, I could generate & play tracklist, etc. I could even "Save All".

I then tried to add a single CD to the library. And "Save".

This resulted in the same 8002000a error as before.

I then inspected the fields associated with the newly added disc. All appeared OK until I came to:

"Date Added" : "Invalid DateTime"

It appears that whatever OS system call that CDJ is using to get the current date is broken when running under Win95 SP1. And that CDJ is assuming that any error that comes out of a DB call indicates that MS ADO has not been installed.

I suspect that the date problem is an underlying MS Y2K bug, and I assume there is a patch for it, but I think that CDJ's error handling here is less helpful than it could be.

I will attempt to install the Windows 95 Y2K Update this evening and will report my results then.

I hope this helps somebody...

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