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Re: CDJ Y2K Bug? Error 8002000a

Posted By: Jim Glidewell <jim_glidewell@y...>
Date: 11/16/00 3:42pm

In Response To: CDJ Y2K Bug? Error 8002000a (Jim Glidewell)

A quick follow-up:

I did a complete reinstall of win95 on a clean disk (don't ask!), then installed:

Service Pack 1

Win95 Year 2000 Update

Latest full CDJ release

DCOM for Win95

ADO 2.5

And for good measure...

Service Pack 1 (one more time)

Win95 Year 2000 Update (one more time)

After doing all this, I start up CDJ (on the pre-existing DB), add a single disc, and try and save the library.

Same error.

I then tried setting the date back to 1998 via the Date control panel and running CDJ again. Same result.

At this point, I am at a loss as to what I might do to get around this bug. I have tried manually editing the "Date added" field before saving, but that didn't seem to work either.

Obviously, this isn't hitting everyone, but I assume that Windows 95 is still considered a supported OS for CDJ, right?

Note that this problem is not restricted to the laptop, as IIRC I saw the same thing on a clean Win95 install on a Dell Pentium 133 minitower as well... I could drag that machine back down into the living room to verify this if needed.

But I _really_ don't want to install Windows 95 again... :-(

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