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Re: The Ultimate Remote Control

Posted By: Jörg Theuerkauf <Joerg.Theuerkauf@d...>
Date: 2/9/1999 8:16a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Ultimate Remote Control (Colby Boles)

I've trained some codes of my Sony amp to the Palm Pilot and send them out again to EZ-Learn. Compared to the original patterns from the original remote the pilot seems to send out garbage.

The OmniRemote Software for the Palm Pilot is a learning remote control software. You can find a review at

There is an optional hardware, but I use it with the Palm III internal IR Port.
The way of using this port for other means than the communication of one pilot with another or with IRDA devices is the secret of Pacific NeoTek :-) but it seems to run down to a clever programming of the palm's UART.

Today I wrote to Pacific Neo-Tek - if they have a solution for this problem, I'll post it here. (The best solution I can imagine would be to combine the SLink IR device files with the OmniRemote software to avoid errors in the learning/training process.)

Another way around this problem - if one can live with a cable-remote device - would be to attach the pilot directly to the SLink (with feedback!) and implement something like palmCDJ on the pilot :-)))
In the last days I made up a little Palm program to read the disk/time info and to start/stop my CX-270 via SLink, but I haven't enough spare time to spend on this in the near future. Sad.


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