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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: Slink-E Set Up With 2 Players

Posted By: Arnold de Leon <slinkelist@d...>
Date: 3/2/1999 9:36p.m.

In Response To: Slink-E Set Up With 2 Players (John Hughes)

There are a couple of ways you can do this

Option 1, no additional hardware

You will want the units to be on the same bus. Set one unit to 1 or 2 (that will be the master) and set second unit to 3 (it will be slave).

In this setup you ***CAN'T*** have overlapping cross fades. The master player will stop the slave when it starts playing. You can however have alternate players.

In this configuration you can plug audio output of the slave player into the master player.

Note: Master players will only control players at ID 3, so two master players can share the same s-link bus if they are set at 1 and 2.

Option 2, CDJ overlapping cross fades w/ player master slave configuration

First you will need a mixer to mix the audio together (Colby mentioned there is an easy way to modify the sony players that have extra inputs so the 2nd CD input is not muted). They are available commercially.

Next you will need a s-link switch box. When CDJ is not controlling the CD playeres it needs to put the two players on the same s-link bus (so the master can control the slave). When CDJ is running it needs to split players on different buses connected to the slink-e.

I believe someone has done this.

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