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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Control-A vs Control-A1...

Posted By: Nicolas Riendeau <knightr@t...>
Date: 3/7/1999 10:26a.m.


I was wondering if, by any chance, any of you would know what the difference
between Control-A and Control-A1 is? I know that Control-A uses a stereo plug while Control-A1 uses a mono plug but what are the differences between the two and how can they be interfaced together?

I would also like to know if anybody had any chances using Slink-e with the
following equipment:
- Sony STR-G3 visiontouch receiver (quite similar the the STR-DE905 if I remember Sony's part number correctly except for the fact that it uses Control-A instead of Control A-1).
- Sony CDP-CX153 100 disk cd player (uses Control-A too).
- Sony TC-WE805S cassette deck (uses Control-A1).

The communication between Control-A devices work perfectly (I can download the memos to the receiver, etc...) but I have trouble interfacing with the Control-A1 device... The CD-Synchro feature works as long as the tape deck doesn't switch sides and then it stops working...

I don't have the special cable made by Sony 'cause it's not available in Canada and I could never get any non 800 phone number for the Sony's parts center.


Nicolas Riendeau

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