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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Keep getting 'nomatch'

Posted By: John Gehlsen <johngeh@h...>
Date: 1/18/00 7:16pm

I am new to the Slink-e user community so please forgive me here is my question is a little naive. I have looked through all of the archives and did not find any postings relevant to this so I am posting my question here.

I have 5 devices: TV, DSS, Amp, VCR and DVD.

I have either found a device file that seems to work or have used EZ Learn to create a new device file using the device's remote control.

I have created a little VB application using the VB Remote application that is included in the Slink-e installation as a base. The program loads fine and the SlinkServ program shows that the porgam is connected and that the device files have been read correctly (under each IR, I can see my devices and when I look under each device, the correct commands are present).

Each button has an associated command that is supposed to be sent. (result = Slinkx.Send("amp", "power")) I have a text field that shows me the results of every command sent to the Slnk-e. Every time I hit a button, I get a message telling me 'nomatch:ir0(00)' or something similar.

I thought that it might be my program but I started CDJ, added my devices and tried sending the same commands. I got the same results.

What am I doing wrong here?

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