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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Problem with "playing[]" response

Posted By: Mike Kropp <mkropp@c...>
Date: 1/21/00 4:43pm

I'm pretty sure now there is a problem with the CDJ automation around the "playing[]" response. I previously saw when I tried using the CDSaver screensaver. Now that I'm developing my own software around CDJ, I'm seeing the same behavior.

When a CD starts playing, I get a "playing[]" response with all the correct info. Sometimes I get two. Occasionally, after the "playing[]" responses listed above, I get another "playing[]" response for a different track (sometimes invalid) on the same disc. This is not the next sequential track, I'll be playing get track 8 and get an erroneous "playing[]" response for track 2.

On one or two occasions I've gotten a notification for the next track as one track ends but that appears to be very rare.

Getting this to work reliably is very important to what I'm trying to do. I'm basically running two audio zones. In one zone, I can play everything and switch my receiver's main source accordingly. In the second zone, I switch my receiver's zone 2 source accordingly. However, I can't play DTS encoded discs in zone 2. I have "[DTS]" in the album title and look for that in the "playing[]" message. I never know what response to believe.

Ultimately, this will all get incorporated into something which displays on my TV and on LCD panels in other rooms, has disc selection via remote, and other things so I really need to accurately know which disc is playing at any given time. Given the fact that I sometimes get four responses (2 correct, 1 from end of previous track, and 1 erroneous) I really don't know which response represents reality.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your support. It's just kind of unfortunate I've needed more lately.


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