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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Groups, Albums and Titles....NOT!

Posted By: Peter Baran <aikidoka@p...>
Date: 2/26/00 7:38pm

I was just reading some of the threads here about the Sony CD changers not supporting the above very well.

I had a thought (as my wife says....Uh Oh!)...has anyone used/written/tinkered with buying a small LCD screen...say 6 Lines high in some cool colors and sending the above info to it via RS232? I once did some looking on the net for a friend...he was basically building an in dash PC and wanted to construct a little interface for an MP3 player.

If you could find one that looked good, it doesn't seem to tough to construct a program that would ship basically the same info that the screen savers do.

Anyone done this?

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